Thanks BBK festival Bilbao! Xxx
  • littlebootsphotosThanks BBK festival Bilbao! Xxx

  • thecowlifeAre you going to do a us tour? I've been wanting to see you for 3 years now!
  • cobraestilo@sirocoma @jorge_jungle os veo!
  • davidljrmWhere are you @ganmago ?
  • nataliamrocayou were so amazing last night!!!!
  • alltomorrowpartiesIt was amazing!!! ❤
  • thecowlifeDear Little Boots, I saw that you released your USA tour dates. I was so excited that your are coming to portland! But then I was looking for tickets and I saw 21 and over. I'm currently 13 and I have been a fan since I was 9. I can't go to a 21 and over show and this just about made me cry. It would mean the world if u moved to a venue with 21 and under shows!
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