Cover of The Cure/Adele's Lovesong!
  • natalydawnCover of The Cure/Adele's Lovesong!

  • glasnost85So beautiful 😻
  • addybuigasYou are just gorgeous. Love you!
  • browneyedgerlBeautiful, Nataly.
  • vitaliyvvПрекрасно, впрочем как всегда) Приятно тебя слушать.
  • davidr1000When I see you I think to myself, delicate, fragile, fine
    airy, attractive, beautiful, charming, choice, cute, darling, delectable, delicious, delightful, diaphanous, elegant, ethereal, exquisite, fair, graceful, lacy, light, lovely, neat, nice, palatable, petite, pleasing, precious, pretty, rare, recherché, refined, savory, select, soft, subtle, superior, sweet, talented, tasteful, tender, well-made.
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