"No compass comes with this life just eyes / So to map it out you must look inside" #thisismelo
  • carmeloanthony"No compass comes with this life just eyes / So to map it out you must look inside" #thisismelo

  • yg9livesyou already know LA doesn't fuck around this can be your city @carmeloanthony Come to LA man prove yourself as a laker and you'll have the most. 🏀❤️
  • phil.nobileStay melo
  • kevingateslilbrother#MeloToDaLakers
  • cxrdenass#melotodalakers Knicks ain't gonna get a championship if u go still. Lakers will ! 👌 @carmeloanthony
  • badazz_chava#bitchboy
  • blackhulk65@carmeloanthony stay in NY
  • iamlizpaul#staymelo Please!!!!!!!!!
  • notactiveboiThe Knicks fans want me over you I am young melo/ young lilliard / young Kobe
  • one_handsomeass_nigga@carmeloanthony @mistercap @mistercap @liljon @machinegunkelly @champagnepapi @swaggyp1 @easymoneysniper @whenarichniggawantyou @kevinhart4real Man i love all ya'll so much 👌💯💯💯 for real man just bug yeah boy up i lice a small island next too St. maarten and i wanna Rage ,make jokes , turn up and play ball like just one wish man blow me up💯👌❗ Ya'll the real MVP's❗❗❗
  • lilyinthestars@moebiusone
  • realife100Great fan kill em this yr bro @carmeloanthony @🏀🏀🔥🔥
  • julier_07Melo you is my favorite player
  • namaste319Good morning, since KatLyn graduated it was one of the happiest days of my life Tears of Joy, but selfishly I'm just thinking Wow that's the wrap, I just feel like taking a month leave and just go.Just Enjoy Kathy you know Life is Short Melo you have to roll with it your team losing ok I know how you Love basketball your team your competitiveness but reality is that's why you explored other teams deep inside you know Jr.,Shump, A mare you know these cats last year what they did the same thing it's just like me wanting to watch you play a full game in Houston and the last two years prior to this you didn't so I didn't expect you to play the full game this year I just came anyway it's like my tradition it's like you ever say What's up to me or Thanking anyone if you feel they not a celebrity (INSANITY) it is what it is posting a pic for anyone to expect it from you now besides it's having to do with with you making money off of, they not going to get it.Its just you it is what it is you knew these cats wasn't going to do nothing this year if you thought differently (insanity) SO Take care of you because hey you still my Favorite player but you good and you prepare yourself because all money not good money.But hey after all it costing you your respect in what you Loved people aren't taking to you like they use to your teammates disrespecting you out Loud. DEAL WITH THEM ACCORDINGLY.....NOW FOR THE FIRST TIME AS A FAN WHO CARE AND REFUSES TO Believe you are in Control of Carmelo Anthony look at you I'm the mirror and
  • namaste319Typo REFUSES TO Believe YOU are not in control of Carmelo Anthony look in the mirror and catch yourself only you can do that man I am a fking people pleaser to the ones I Love My Family but insanity the bible stats you must Love Yourself more than anyone or you will be Useless my brother don't wait until you get 40 to understand the knowledge of this the Laws of attraction it speaks upon the same exact thing.I really wish you tell your team FK YOU and I'm going to play the game my way all the others hey I'm having a fked up season I so far but I am not DONE we all make wrong choices but as long as we don't continue its not Insanity. It's not insanity that I post on your page to me because I don't want anything from you but selfishly I know I am a ride or die and dude if you wasn't as strong and powerful that I know you are I would have stopped like I have done my record speaks for itself. BREATHE GET YOUR Mind RIGHT PEACE my favorite player of all times and also a man I respect run into this adversity you BUILT for this take the lessons everything else history it's now so guess what even if thr
  • namaste319@carmeloanthony
  • namaste319Soft
  • liliana.maria.712Sexy ...
  • pmylett@danmylett @ronniepolo
  • nolalife19Melo your so awesome just plz respond to me
  • real_one32💯 @bigworms_03
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