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  • carmeloanthonyMy @hautetime APP Comin Soon.

  • febles88@spiffey_d He doesn't need another all star to win a ring he can do it with the Knicks
  • car.low14^^can do it with the knicks ? He would never get a ring in knicks..they even had hard time with the OLD BOSTON ..knicks have a pretty good players but they the players that choke in playoffs .real shit tho .they have peaces to win championship but instead of focusing on bball they focus on dress up .lmfao gtfoh
  • cburns45Don't opt out 2014
  • valentino563Melo u need to Join LAL to win. NY is cool but they aint gonna give u a ring there
  • q.st0ttYes they will stay in new york
  • q.st0ttWe will get a nother gr8 shooter like u want so stat
  • q.st0ttSo stay
  • q.st0ttStat is no help u r right
  • fideauxHe should go to LA and gtfo of NY he overrated
  • yusufchaknykStay as the star of NY, not the sidekick of Kobe in LA.
  • jayeeeazyHis gonna be the future of lakers.. hia better than dwight!!! With pau kobe nick young nash?? Wow.
  • jayeeeazyKobe and melo vs wade lebron!
  • aabbyhaddadNice
  • only1_zoopCan you recognize me & @new_kiing
  • s.teve.lopezMelo stay in NY why go to the lakers? Just practice hard n have faith in yourself n in ur team just stay i bet you will get a ring this upcoming season or the one right after the upcoming one watch you'll see, my #1 basketball player of all times #7 #knicknation @carmeloanthony
  • nykupdates@knickstapeupdates the app is Colorful
  • lridder13Watches!! @rfc30
  • imuptosomething@zayx change your name please
  • shrembo@jemwatch
  • king_chaviLast comment
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