Dear diary, I'm totally missing my girls today. Why they gotta be awesome and run @rockcampLA !!?
  • jason_mrazDear diary, I'm totally missing my girls today. Why they gotta be awesome and run @rockcampLA !!?

  • puiboonyanee☺ meet you in Thailand
  • naimanamaste& @jason_mraz iloveu ❤🙏🙏🙏
  • laariimedeirosHey, @jason_mraz i'm brazilian girl and i love your songs! When you come to Brazil?!
  • naimanamaste@jason_mraz do u see my messages?! If so i hope u will sing a beautiful mess in warsaw and hope to meet u gosh thats my dream since 2003! 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤
  • ashbrownbearHi jay been along time buddy will have to catch up again soon. Hit some waves like summer 2012. Regards ash
  • caattttttttt_xoI'm yours!
  • tom__mrazBe Love
  • johnkolsen@jason_mraz can you please write a song about #hastagging
  • cfabautistaAawwwwe... That is just sweet mon!
  • pgsosartYou are the best @jason_mraz
  • _michaela_loveIs this the real Jason mraz anyone can answer that
  • madalena_leite97PLEASE COME TO PORTUGAL
  • juliostrife<3
  • valenomisticacome to chile :(
  • norastolzTo Buenos Aires
  • wajid007Hey man would you give me a shoutout then I will also give u a shoutout
  • mayleemoyaNose sí realmente seas el verdadero jason pero sí es así quisiera que superas algo, hace aproximadamente 1 año me cambiaste la vida, en la radio escuche im yours y desde entonces sigo tú música me has hecho ver el mundo desde otra perspectiva, sufro mucho por dentro pero cuando escucho la letra de tus canciones me mantengo firme y mirando hacia adelante... Quizás nunca leas esto pero de todas formas quiero darte las gracias, bendiciones.
  • naimanamasteI miss u so much i feel connected to u even more since i met u @jason_mraz what can i do so it wont be so hard not to be close to u anymore ?! 🙏
  • jennavivcatEw
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