Sneak peek at things to come @RadioShack! Stay tuned. #RSLetsPlay
  • radioshackSneak peek at things to come @RadioShack! Stay tuned. #RSLetsPlay

  • nj0032So when are you guys going to roll out these new stores nation wide?
  • nrettbagleYour store will never look like this unless you move
  • sebastiansuarezbYeah because it makes sense to only make a few stores look good .. 😑
  • crazyrae0207Super happy. Love what is finally happening! @radioshack
  • vision8oSomething has to change... districts realigning and still losing stock still reporting loss in quarters... smh come check out 8634 we been doin on the "new concept" fully interactive and functional displays and demos with near perfect merchandising.. we alrwady r a "technology Playground" #8634 #WeGotThis
  • stephanielynne11I'm excited for the changes happening. I can't wait for fall transformation in my store!
  • msilva88The new uniform though... Not good.
  • bananawho08Cant wait!! Only thing is my store is in the hood :( everything is lockdown because anything live (and fake!) gets stolen :( but we'll see how this goes!! :)
  • keritolbertWe're getting new uniforms??
  • hotrod276New uniforms look slick! Hopefully this is roiled out nationwide quickly. Were not even relevant right now.
  • grayciecgCan't wait!
  • itsyourboy_jrCan my store get a remodel !?
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