This should answer the question - "Listening to anything lately?"
  • danko_jonesThis should answer the question - "Listening to anything lately?"

  • samradojcinCheck out an Australian band called I Exist, Danko. I think you would dig them.
  • patriksjoebergGhost... probably the best band in the world!
  • ericthebull@danko_jones I see Church of Misery, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats...I really think you'd love this new doom band called Lord Dying. Relapse just put out their debut yesterday. It's really great, think you'd love it.
  • thedistrict019Should have given you the new Angers Curse album so we could be on this list!
  • kung_jackNice, you have really good taste. Horisont is awesome!
  • pollanpajla@danko_jones
  • _throughmyeyesYou should also check out Sahg from Norway, they did an awesome gig at Sweden Rock this year. @danko_jones
  • pleunimAwesome list Danko! Check out the Dirty Bastards from The Netherlands ;)
  • mothermiseryGood list, I agree with @_throughmyeyes , you should check out Sahg, great band ;-X #sahg
  • danko_jonesI do have the first 2 Sahg albums and have seen them live. Great band.
  • danko_jones@misskillalot I've heard Rival Sons. Good band but have you heard any of the bands on the list? Give 'em a listen.
  • zarbicoreQuite a few bands I've never listened too on there. Thanks Danko will check them out. Ps have you heard of Aussie band The Nerve? If not look up their single Down There on YouTube I guarantee you will love it.
  • zarbicoreAlso I had to miss you at sound wave because you clashed with Ghost. I am still devo about it. :( will you come back?
  • filescrueNow I can check out a few new bands ... Well new me
  • craftbeersandvinylPurson and Uncle Acid. Enough said! 👍
  • bangert0sRed Fang!!!
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