Home of th black n yellow Pitt what's up I b there tomorrow
  • jimjonescapoHome of th black n yellow Pitt what's up I b there tomorrow

  • lolasims@moe7100 #turnup
  • moe7100@lolasims I Do Too Much Turning Up In The City! I Need A Break 😂😂😂😂
  • think_biggBe safe out there, them ninjas is hatin m u Capo. Talking shit sayin u aint allowed out there!!!
  • kitaatyallpittsburgh dats were am from @jimjonescapo
  • italianqueenitaly@bellamama79 oh my we're goin!!
  • iambigcozYo @jimjonescapo you got some of best Ad libs Lol #Pow #Grrrr
  • iambeenafactormikeLets gooooooo @jimjonescapo real vamp life niggas in the 412. I'll b there big homie....
  • 26bigredI will be there....
  • brooke15lynnyou're coming to the burgh!
  • shes_photogenic_101Waiting on u to come bak to Raleigh, NC #gethere #uknowatitis
  • albyrightYo jim come rock a show out in Bridgeport ct
  • stkbrWow what you getting $500 a show now wow what's the next stop VFW?
  • _eightysbaby_@yc_wife1019 where this at
  • krazekamikaziWaddup fam I'm in da Burgh. Holla at me so I can hold u down.. #UN
  • uxmelissaI work at a bar down the street i cant see the date on ur event but it would be nice to know and i Will get people there especially if you stop and have a drink on me
  • uxmelissaI will make sure you have fun
  • mztiffany23Your the biggest ass hole ever...this is why no one fuck with you in the burgh ... Who gets paid to do there shit. Everything you ask for on your fucking rider and show up 10 min before the shits over ... You come when ain't nobody fucking there bc ppl are pissed leaving. Paid there money to have a good time and this what you do... I will never support your wack tv show, or ya wack music. We should have believed the ass hole you see on tv and heard about is what you get.
  • brooklyn_taiNo show Smh
  • pieface412@jimjonescapo your shady as hell for getting out on niggas for some punk as change. Fuck nigga Forreal!
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