Shooting @wmagazine today with @mredwardenninful !! Just wait and see what the boys were really wearing
  • caradelevingneShooting @wmagazine today with @mredwardenninful !! Just wait and see what the boys were really wearing

  • xngelbaby@sarah08675 bitch. you want her life, just face it. she's a beautiful talented model who works with the best. you are so jealous it's making me want to cry. it's actually painful to read your pathetic comments. you're so low i can barely even see you. i know for a fact that cara is better than you'll ever be. so shut your face. :)
  • ari_laroK. You need to shut the fuck up and eat I dick u little winey bitch. You claim u have a life but ur spending it stalking someone's page who u claim to despise just to write shit and going back and forth with people who are right. You are wrong. You are stupid. You need to stop. It's shit like that I don't like why the hell are u on her page if u don't like her. Get off her page and stop posting bs Cara us a gorgeous flawless talented girl. Just because she made it big and did something with her life unlike you you feel the need to bash her does that make u feel complete or something? So if you could just leave this page and keep you bullshit to yourself that would be nice. @sarah08675
  • jbizz94All of you need to calm down, concentrate on your own lives and not on some celebrity you've never even met. #over#and#out
  • jbizz94If people are gonna hate best to leave them hating and not react to it.
  • im__moonchild@sarah08675 fucking loser
  • whoranawayperfection
  • meganmyladyThanks right back at you @callme__b @littlemonster1099 @klarasaysmeow
  • nollynschcka@beryll_blickhaeuser
  • magliriYour slaves?
  • millajovovicdMy queen
  • laurengoodenI love you cara 😘😭😭😪😪😘😘
  • caradelefection♥♥
  • m7mmd_moI love it
  • teenhufYou are sooo pretty♡
  • noramelaTrying to be like Harry aww
  • scottie_growney1111111 likes
  • adindasoraya_Hazza's styles huh?
  • larryslothsLol @xsprinckle_makerx
  • freyy_xxI saw u in onga abridge modelling. I think it was u . Ur so pretty ❤️
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