Why Instagram with the same phone for two years? Introducing JUMP! Upgrade when you want, not when your told, because 2 years is too long to wait. #hate2wait
  • tmobileWhy Instagram with the same phone for two years? Introducing JUMP! Upgrade when you want, not when your told, because 2 years is too long to wait. #hate2wait

  • lil_redbone93I hate 2 wait 2 long years because after 6 months to a year the phone gets boring or doesn't work right and as soon as you get a phone a new one comes out and you can't even get it until your upgrade or you have to pay full price for the phone....i would like the galaxy 4 i heard it's better then the iPhone 5 and i have galaxy 2 and i can't geta upgrade until 2014 :( i would appreciated because don't have money for a new one at this moment but TMobile is a good cellular service there #1 in my book :) @TMobile #gateway #rules
  • mrz_kennedy@Tmobile #Hate2wait #rules
  • deactivated.000tmobile #hate2wait #rules i need a samsung galaxy s4 since i was robbed yesterday by two male africans american and they took my samsung galaxy s3 and took my $300 so i really need a phone, i had to give it to them since they had a gun to my head, i also have a t mobile plan, thanks
  • beeya03@tmobile #hate2wait I WANT TO WIN SO BAD !
  • shiloh.ow#Hate2wait
  • shiloh.ow@tmobile #Hate2wait #rules
  • winner_x2_chkndinner@tmobile #Hate2wait #rules ... I need this n my LIFE...LOL...
  • ak___47____I hate the 2 year contract because there are constantly new and better phones coming out and of course everyone would want the newest technology out there. Within the time span of 2 years multiple new devices have come out, 2 years wait for a new phone is too long. Plus, if you damage, break, or get tired of your phone, the only choice you have is to wait 2 years. Or spend full price to get a new phone. Now with Jump, you can get a new phone whenever. I'm very glad tmobile has done this. My family and I have been customers of tmobile for 10 years and we would never want to switch carriers. @tmobile #hate2wait #rules
  • maiyajailia#hate2wait. #hate2wait #hate2wait
  • bench026@tmobile #hate2wait #rules
  • bench026@tmobile #hate2wait #rules I can't wait to upgrade the new phones and new features are coming out all the time. I want a new phone new technology.i dont want to spend to much for our bills.i wish I could win..I want a new phone.!!!
  • bencypressiI hope AT&T goes in this direction
  • margaritatown811#Hate2Wait#rules I fell on concrete and shattered my screen (and hurt myself too) so I have to wait for my upgrade??!!! It's not fair, it was an accident!! :(
  • _5ilva@tmobile #hate2wait #rules
  • boonie_hernandezI need a new phone that has the ability to keep up with my busy lifestyle, I watch videos, email, prepare spread sheets, use word, navigation, music, hotspot, use my calender daily, and text way too often. I think the galaxy s4 is perfect for the jobs I do daily. #hate2wait #rules
  • xbrianpe@tmobile #Hate2wait #rules
  • ___simplyblessed___@tmobile 2yrs is to long to wait and the new jump idea is ok but you still pay a fee each month so we go from #hate2wait #rules to this jump feature.
  • kianas.8inchsAha. The sidekiks I remember tht.
  • xpenosoxThe Sidekick was the best, no more sorry no more tmobile
  • leigha00my dad has the 2nd one 😂 no joke
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