Way pleasant Orange Foolius. #veganfoodshare #veganironchef #hotdamnday
  • jdfunksWay pleasant Orange Foolius. #veganfoodshare #veganironchef #hotdamnday

  • thespicyveganDoes it taste anything like the original orange Julius?
  • thespicyveganI used to drink a Strawberry Julius every time I went to the mall. I was addicted.
  • karlabitsWe have a smoothie at work right now called the Sun God (ugh, that name) that totally reminds me of an Orange Julius and whenever I tell that to customers no one knows what they are and look at me like I'm nuts.
  • jdfunks@karlabits whaaaaa!
  • jdfunks@thespicyvegan me too! There was one mall my family would go to that had them, memories! This was a soda take on the flavors, not thick by any means, but it was really nice on such a hot day.
  • thespicyveganThe Orange Julius staff would start making my strawberry Julius as soon as they spotted me. Good times. I wrote a recipe for one on my blog called strawberry cleopatra. So good.
  • jdfunks@thespicyvegan aw!
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