Yes. You can have all of the gelato.
  • dooceYes. You can have all of the gelato.

  • eyeaminkOmg. Those dimples are going to get her anything. You're in trouble @dooce.
  • deshackOmg. She's SOOOOO FUCKING CUTE.
  • ifurieGlasses and dimples and little ears. Too much.
  • bigfoot51232Im Notice The BIG Spoon Behind...🍴
  • amyturnsharpLove
  • lisa6wksshe is too cute for words!!
  • brittehrhornGood thing I'm not there, or I'd try to take her gelato 😄🍦
  • marcusthetokenAs adorable as she is, throw In a Mercedes as well.
  • oakeeOh the cuteness!
  • ithrowtpHer dimples can have anything they want.
  • inlondonsingI love her. This is amazing.
  • facieeWith eyes and dimples like that, she deserves all of the gelato =)
  • pinkpamalammaToo cute
  • jenwoosgayGod damn 4 year olds. I have one too. They work their evil magic with the cuteness.
  • rachowIt's like she knows what she's doing.
  • jbird423Oh no. You've gone soft.
  • morganmaxfieldHoly crap. Like in Italy. All the Gelato in ITALY.
  • natalievierlingShe can just have all of everything.
  • laneyloverAdorbs
  • gavintiegirlClearly remarkable.....super cuteness galore and a spitfire to boot!
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