This house for sale looks like a great deal. Clearly the current owners have impeccable taste. #photos4ellen
  • theellenshowThis house for sale looks like a great deal. Clearly the current owners have impeccable taste. #photos4ellen

  • foundintimeI live in a 3 bedroom w my family and I rent and its not in the best condition but I stay so my father in law dont lose his home he is in now so yall should he thankful Ik I would be
  • bcaussNo offense @mercedesbenz123678 if you don't care, you shouldn't have commented.
  • basicrockstarr@brandon_causing i dont care about her house..... I commented cause i wanted to tell the annoying bitchy kid off...
  • lily__1_The house is so cool and yes of course they have excellent taste in TV shows @theellenshow
  • __paolamorales#riptalia
  • toomuchswegonyew@paolaa__xo get a life
  • karasaylorRude @nazli_kar
  • maddison.mayYea she is gone you need to be quite vuz a lot of people miss her so stop @nazli_kar
  • aladdinghazawihahaha i love you
  • valerieluvsmoustaches8000 @danika_bacon
  • danika_baconI'm moving into a 8750 house @valerieluvsmoustaches
  • ccablayWhat a deal!
  • saraercurtisI know this comment will be lost in the comments somewhere but i just wanted to say that i have loved you and your show since i was a toddler. I also loved talia. She was my inspiration when i was feeling down. I live in canada and it's a slim to none chance that i will ever get to meet you or even go to one of your live shows. I also love one direction and justin bieber and it would he my dream to meet any of them or you. Ilysm @theellenshow
  • han_mclLove your show hope someday will be able to watch it live!
  • ash.benderyou should dedicate finding dory to talia
  • giatjuhMy mother watch everyday (as it is) your show
  • ashley.weinsteinYes!!!!!! I totally agree;) @steph_blaschke
  • thejokerblogsHey Ellen! I really hope you get the chance to read this..I know you were a good friend of the late Heath ledger. He was a favorite worldwide, and while we wish he could have continued his work, Heath Ledger left an impact long after his passing. Which is how The Joker Blogs series on YouTube came to be. Inspired by Heaths award winning performance, two fans, Andrew Devary and Scott McClure, created a brilliant, Nolan Verse 'Joker' web series on YouTube. To this day, they have gained over 7 MILLION VIEWS with almost 50K SUBSCRIBERS! I really hope you find the time to go watch their series, because they deserve all the views/subscribers they can get! 🃏 (P.S., I Love you Ellen!!!)
  • theboester#getsummardunlaponellen hi,I'm Summar and I'm a singer. I'm 12 and alot of people tell me I'm good. I posted a staus on facebook about how I want to do something with my voice. My bff @adriannaelizabeth_ started the hasttag #getsummardunlaponellen because she belives I can do it. I would love it if you read this,the link to a video if me singing is in my bio
  • annaeliza.beth#riptalia
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