Toronto, eh? #nofilter
  • anny.912Toronto, eh? #nofilter

  • jennpederneraJust crazy!
  • pagelmonsterWicked photo!!
  • anny.912#drenchedTO
  • mollylknitsIs this instagram-only or do you have an HD version? Because I would definitely pay you to have this on my wall. It's absolutely gorgeous.
  • anny.912@littlemousling it was on an iPhone only, unfortunately. But thanks!
  • jennpederneraBlogTO is using your shot on their site, eh?
  • 705_salvageanddesignHow did BlogTO get this pic? @deftonia11
  • anny.912@jennpedernera I know! Kinda cool. @jp196400 it's through the hash tag I used.
  • _cesGreat shot. Congrats
  • zmartellDo you happen to have this in higher resolution? Would love to use it as a desktop wallpaper.
  • anny.912Thanks but I'm sorry @zmartell it was taken with an iPhone
  • thedarcysReally awesome!
  • mikepryszlakEven though it was just an iphone shot I'd still love a higher quality version (like just the jpeg off your phone) of it to use as my desktop background or something. If there was a way I could toss you a buck or two for it I would
  • caityoconnorYour pic is amazing! Make sure you get full credit for it girl!
  • technicolourcity@ deftonia11 amazing picture!
  • catherinekircoswow amazing pic!!
  • jjbabblesI'm sorry I deleted your comment on my repost of your amazing photo - I got a lot of people claiming it was there's (vultures!) I'm glad blogTO has printed obvious credit now - this photo it everywhere! I will take mine down if you want? But with go give credit now :)
  • anny.912Thanks @jesstar666 ! No need to take yours down - glad so many people enjoyed the shot! Vultures will be vultures :)
  • jjbabblesAwesome, thanks :) & yes, was quite horrified at the amount of people claiming it as there's! I just assumed everyone was fibbing!
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