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  • mrdavidhayeI've just signed to fight Fury on Sep 28, lets hope he finally agrees (and signs today) and he doesn't keep delaying. Word around "Camp Fire" is Fury is looking to duck me and fight Toney "The Tiger". Lets hope they are just to rumours....

  • glynenglishPlease knock him out @mrdavidhaye you will be a world champ again im sure of that your speed is too much and you have power behind you aswell. Tyson fury ko'd in round 3 and vitali beaten on points or wlad in round 7
  • unknown1210Doing bermondsey proud #GwanBigDave
  • ladjorddPlease knock his bitch ass out @mrdavidhaye
  • daithi_olaoireI talked to selena gomez ha
  • chrismckenzie89@mrdavidhaye Gna be great stood next to this ring tmro being toe to toe with #TheHayemaker
  • nickholder97Buzzing for this fight can't wait @mrdavidhaye
  • lewis_collingsKnock that boy out
  • internationalpaulI really hope you can bring the Entertaiment back in the Ring you are stronger and clever than you was before but i want the old david back where you had just one Mission knock your opponent out and make a great walk-in and a great Performance you are Full of talent so make just only big steps in your life and after that enjoy your Life to the fullest but not always in Dubai haha ! So sad that i am in hospital since 5 days otherwise i would love to see you in your gym ! But maybe i can see u in mancester who knows :-) fury told always he can hit i think your weight against valuev was perfect for such a guy like fury. But in my eyes chisora is better than fury ;) keep it up mr sixpack aka mr leanback !:) @mrdavidhaye
  • ethpr@mrdavidhaye when are you back In Monaco was nice to meet you man!
  • francescadruryI have met you mr haye in Dubai please reply to me pretty please @mrhaye @mrdavidhaye thankyou also sorry for bothering you please check out my profile !!!!!
  • lukeydoddsx@mrdavidhaye cant wait to see you knock him the fuck out that will shut his horrible mouth up
  • roryhunterrWe have a table at the fight,you gonna knock him out!his big shots wont work against you sniper jab and fast head movements ! Cant wait,see you there @mrdavidhaye
  • roryhunterrOh and no one likes tyson fury anyways @mrdavidhaye
  • l8thxCome on haye !!!!! Team hayemaker
  • audia5badassFuck u haye fury is going to snap u …
  • meekagramYou know your gunna win haye you need this win more than he does !
  • aidanmc94You will definitely fuck him up!! 7-8 round ;) @mrdavidhaye
  • amylouisebirksURGH 😍😍
  • teltime91@mrdavidhaye box him he will het frustrated with your speed get complacent then go to sleep its all about the hayemaker
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