Hello Gaffney, SC Chick-fil-A!
  • jonacuffHello Gaffney, SC Chick-fil-A!

  • wbhegedusSay hi to the butt-shaped peach water tower for me!
  • c_greene_41Grew up right down the road. Where in the world are you from originally, @jonacuff?
  • kjknitsWaving as you pass by!
  • drgnfly1010I lived in Gaffney for two years and have several friends who work there :)
  • bbeutlerWelcome Jon and family
  • runsingteach@thejeffcruz @jonacuff I was thinking the same thing about House of Cards. I didn't know it was a real thing and place-awesome!!
  • iamandaleigh3 mins late to that C-f-A grand opening!
  • jlgrohI used to work there!!!
  • jcookjustinSweet sassy! You should have told us you were coming to town! I feel like a kid that just missed Santa! #zoiks
  • pippinclWell you're in a small town! I like the peach in the painting. A reminder that SC produces more peaches than Georgia!
  • addarnellThat peach butt water tower is a real thing? I thought it was made up for House of Cards! Cool!
  • collier_ceCome to Anderson!
  • thejasoncagleShould have pulled a Cameron from Ferris Buller's Day Off and just stared at it. Would have made a cool Vine
  • averyfitness@jonacuff we brought Advocare RIGHT TO THAT TOWN & praise God it's becoming a household name...couldn't have stayed the course without keeping our noses in great books like YOURS!!! How long will you be there? Are you coming to Dallas Cowboys Stadium????
  • brantleemI can't believe you were there! That's my town!!
  • marycatwells@jonacuff let myself and @denniswells take you to coffee while you're in SC!
  • arholmes13@jonacuff you should come say hey to those of us working @fugecamps at CSU in Charleston ;)
  • elizabethmaxonmy kids love the giant peach because it looks like a giant...well...you know...
  • faithfitmommystuff@jonacuff how long you in SC? Just driving through?
  • chillaxer103Hey! That's my husband's art work! Cool! Glad you stopped in on your way through!
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