🙀 That moment when you realise your green smoothie tastes like SH%#!!!!!!!! All that work and now what do you do? Hold your nose and throw it down the hatch? Well, I seriously thought about that but it made me feel sick just thinking about it. So, of course, I began experimenting - I tried adding more milk; no. I tried mesquite (a berry) powder - no luck. Then I remembered the frozen berries in the freezer!!! 😃I blended in a big handful of these babies and FINALLY it tasted edible! 😄😍 !!! #greensmoothiesgonewrong!!! Can't even remember what was in it now! What's a journey! I've worked up an appetite now! 
#kitchemalchemy at it's best. 😉❤✨🌸🌿
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