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  • mrtechnicaldifficultNo fish... So what

  • garagecockIts not getting old, keep on putting out the chatroulette videos and the annoying black ops kid. Love you kyle youre the shit
  • garagecock@mrtechnicaldifficult
  • shaayla.mlI love the Doritos ultimate on the corner of the boat @mrtechnicaldifficult
  • jordanh16Have you guys not been paying attention to his last few vids. He's been busy with his new house. I'm sure most of his vids on his main channel have been left overs saved on his computer. Just wait till he gets I'm hew new house. You guys will be eating your words. @mrtechnicaldifficult
  • jakeriffle@mrtechnicaldifficult which lake is this?
  • kobeham7You on the sound Kyle?
  • bransons_mommy24I could watch most of your videos over and over again and still laugh. People stop hating, kyle may get payed for making videos but you have to remember he started it without pay and bc he wanted to put smiles on people's faces. Obviously he has done a great job at it bc look at where it has gotten him today. Keep doing what you do Kyle, I enjoy watching your videos. Haters are going to hate.
  • connor_neitz13Kyle, I'm like mentally your biggest fan and me and my friends would die if we could ever speak to you on Xbox! We subscribe and watch all of your videos and love every single one cause all of them are unique in there own ways! And if me or my friends could meet you once me and all of my friends would each give you a gift of your choice. And even if you don't I will always love your vids and I want you to do just what you are doing, be great and making me and the whole world laugh! :) @mrtechnicaldifficult
  • tommy_yorkshire10BIG BOOTY, BIG BOOTY JUDY!!
  • miikxyyBig Judy, Big Booty Judy!!
  • thebiggydee@team_connor13 Muthafucka I think you're addicted...
  • _.tylon_Mtd is my dude he is fucking funny
  • _instaswager_Were is that at?
  • scooteringboyWere is that
  • _team215@mrtechnicaldifficult u need to come to philly asap i need to meet you
  • jam.e@cameronorsi
  • owenberoffholy fuck its a cow.. that was the best episode and hey when u did ur wall twerk was was the name of the song
  • deepfrieddarabiI was in the same area fishing about a week ago, I didn't catch anything either.
  • devonduhskaterYou are livin it!!!!
  • riley_clark001We're u on lake washington
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