Back to the future??
  • hollyfurtickBack to the future??

  • sandikrakowski@hollyfurtick fun iPhone glitch! Lol reset phone it will disappear. I had one in 1/2/29!!
  • sandikrakowskiBTW the rest of your emails are fashion! Such a smart woman! 😉😉
  • lauren_widenerYour husband is such an inspiration to me! I was having a hard time and he helped me find my faith. I am so thankful for him and his amazing family. Now I live through Christ and enjoy my life instead of suffer through it. I am 11 years old and go to elevation Matthews. I just want to say thanks and your family should keep doing what your doing. Thank you guys.
  • _torims@__laurenwidener__ that is awesome, girl! So stoked for you. Elevation is a great place to call home ❤
  • radiowayneOne point twenty one jiggawatts!!!
  • sarahstanleyinspired@sandikrakowski @hollyfurtick I also got the same email ;)
  • hollyfurtickNo
  • cockygirlzI got that email too...was scared to open it so I deleted it!
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