• wakaflocka100

  • louiesalcido47@peepthesneakss look who u listed.. montana meet and 2chainz where's Jay-Z Kendrick Lamar j Cole drake ill Wayne these are real lyricist I hate how people define hip hop off of stupid rappers
  • louiesalcido47@peepthesneakss *keef
  • frankyp809I'm an 80s baby. I've been to Detroit. Raised in Chicago. Now in ATL. All I know is, the people who make the Chicago what it is body wise, they aren't on Instagram right now. They're not using android or iPhones. The people raising the body count are in the real hood. In houses and apartments that the rent cost your phone bills. If you've never seen THAT, you can't have an opinion on some shit you've never seen. Grow up and half your high school class is dead or locked up. Eat Aldi for a living. Save up all week to afford a pack of your own cigarettes. Know what it's like to not have bus fair. People don't give a fuck about music. They care about getting the fuck out the hood
  • m2t4sThat comment was real @frankyp809 .. Damn
  • jym1700Real shit bruh.. @frankyp809
  • prettyugly718Blah blah blah....save that for a different post
  • peepthesneakss@villevegas yeah that's true, but it just seems different nowadays. I guess its because our economy is going to shit and there's no money to be made besides getting rich quick and what other way then to sell drugs and hit licks? I feel you though. @authenticsportsjerseys I was naming the shitty rappers that we have. Which is the people I listed. I like all the rappers you listed because they actually put thought into what's being said unlike them other niggas.
  • juandenmark@peepthesneakss Lupe said it best bro... Poor people making rich decisions...
  • peepthesneakss@villevegas shit out here in Texas its hard not to live that life man. I've had friends die over drug deals. We have human trafficking, drugs and etc. Life is a struggle though homie and you got to survive I just wish there was different opportunity for our people bro. I grew up without a father cause he was in and outta prison so I guess I found my way away from that life but all my homies live that life and I can't runaway from my past, I just gotta keep moving forward ya dig?
  • peepthesneakss@tree_hunna300 yeah Lupe is the realest when it comes to Conscious rappers!
  • sarahsimonn💘💘💜💜💛
  • full_measure_nvr_halfnah hes a faggot all yall sum faggots
  • peepthesneakss@sozirius Fuck youuuuu lmfao.
  • peepthesneakss@villevegas that's as trill as it gets. Stay safe homie!
  • cravenmh68💯X1⃣0⃣
  • doobie_clothing#DoobieClothing
  • kennethsoulAnother twin @tbonearoni lolol
  • arrogant_ajay@villevegas true words on the N.W.A comment....
  • rossdawgg@ohhnoitszach
  • reelmindstudios@wakaflockabsm c'mon, I'm ur guy, "weird" just skims the surface when ur talkin bout me... #letswerk @webookitall
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