Driving this tomorrow.
  • jonacuffDriving this tomorrow.

  • sarahfaithIf I were you, I'd stop in Greenville, SC at Tupelo Honey Cafe downtown or even just for a walk in the park to stretch your legs. It's only rated one of the top parks and downtowns in the US. #yeahthatgreenville yep, just whored out my town :)
  • jmdarnellPeople in upstate SC are pretty nice too. We'll buy you coffee.
  • jlvance2Stop by chick fil a in Charlotte for lunch?
  • loriskiHey, don't forget to come by Andy Saczynski Studio-Gallery in Grayton Beach and pick out your [free] art. 😬 I wouldn't offer that to just anyone, @jonacuff.
  • heatherkyoung@sarahfaith good suggestion! @jonacuff I agree with Sarah :)
  • waylon88wI don't see route 4 listed but you could swing down through Miami and stop by Starbucks there.
  • breemilrodYou should go thru chattanooga ...
  • sarahdasha@jonacuff stop in thomasville!
  • aaronbartonGo on ahead and stop by Augusta while you're at it!
  • robsvw@jonacuff just did that two weeks ago with an 8 year old and a 2 year old. Piece of cake.
  • camikalopezDid you stop at Waffla House? Man I miss and <3 Waffle House !!!! 😍😍😍😍
  • cliffcolemanIf you stop in Dothan, Alabama I will buy you dinner. No really.
  • keaton.radeckiBIG STUF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • amy_out_loudTallanasty!!!!
  • jportierÜber of course?
  • mamagrovesStop by Greenville SC.... Best small city in the US (and I'm a native Nashvillian) 👍@jonacuff
  • karissmith.rnBIGSTUF TIME! @jonacuff it's supposed to rain all week don't bother bringing anything for the beach... #lovefloridaweather
  • gabrielsgoodtidingsIf you decide to ditch the panhandle and come down to Orlando, you would make my month!!! And I'm a fellow Samford alum- that should get me some bonus points, right @jonacuff ??? ;)
  • jlgroh@jonacuff You get to pass the Peach Butt (water tower) in Gaffney!
  • halfminute.hero@jonacuff I see you passed nearby where I live. And yet, no visit. I'm disappointed, Jon. Quite disappointed indeed.
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