Time to make the doughnuts #UFC162
  • joeroganTime to make the doughnuts #UFC162

  • thefoxhorse@matiasmalvik , Internet . That's how I got mine , and I am a cat rapist
  • ianthomasjohnsonI already made the doughnuts
  • bradstupendousSilva should have taken some alpha brain. Maybe he wouldn't have thrown the fight!
  • captcri5tianSo true. No I don't want a rematch he's the champ oh I have 10 fights left with UFC...whatTHEfart man??
  • toddkundratThat's awesome @joeroganexperience! Your commentating makes the fight experience so much cooler! Keep up the great work.
  • boomstaI think after being pounded on the ground and realizing he's out strength. Silva tried taunting to break he's opponents game plan. And got caught. Was a last resort tactic. Almost like Diaz does. But didn't work.
  • stonemaloneartAll these amateur fight expert's make me ill....Dana's press conference said everything that needed to be said......Joe Rogan is a God!
  • criticalmothafukkenbillAlways mix wax with some dmt in the atmos vape...then it becomes clear
  • jackdelb@joeroganexperience hey man, don't know how to contact u any other way... I'm a combat vet, and I also have vitiligo.... Hit me back at jack@404cutttree.com I also have some crazy info/stories from the war...
  • aquino_13Upload the coco podcast tonight please!
  • timmyersnowinstagramAlpha brain, I'm onnit
  • mmadiscussionsAny way to get Mike Dolce on the podcast one day? Hope you're doing well and get the show finished up soon
  • lsdYou are the man
  • thefoxhorseWhen I did mushrooms I saw an iPod commercial , and the song said , you know who you are . And a thought came into my mind , I am funny ! so I am on the right path , keep up the awesome podcasts
  • oilslick@joeroganexperience let me know if you need any @oilslickpads
  • jenamaysStay Onnit! @joeroganexperience
  • dixjonathan@joeroganexperience just ordered my first bottle, super stoked.
  • kj_mooonHook it up Joe! @joeroganexperience
  • jasonsowers@joerogan @onnit I'm not for sure if you guys remember the Olympic Snowboarder @kevinpearce. He suffer massive head trauma during a crash. He came out very strong after his accident. His documentary is on HBO GO, It's called "The Crash Reel" it's very inspirational and amazing.
  • jasonsowers@kevinpearce @joerogan Maybe @onnit products could benefit people that have suffered head trauma and don't have full memory as they did before.
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