Better shot. 300mm from the bayshore.
  • radicaldudejomBetter shot. 300mm from the bayshore.

  • c_toomajianDaaaammnn
  • radicaldudejom@D_long I just emailed you a high res. version.
  • stephlaurenHi! Stephanie from NBC News. We would love to use this photo. Could we use on broadcast/web? You can reach me at
  • radicaldudejom@stephlauren I just emailed you.
  • alexandriasuderThis is Terrible, praying for everyone involved!
  • buttercupdHoly crap!
  • sexce_cigee wiz .. crashed while landing!!!
  • mejoelReal? Now??
  • patrickdodsonhope they all paid you
  • skip714Yeah I hope they hook you up lol
  • daniellegenetHi - Danielle from ABC News. Does ABC have permission to use this photo across all platforms? Please email me at Thanks!
  • 90069oh, shit!
  • stalebgHey @radicaldudejom! When the situation is under controll, can I reach out to you via email to learn how your photo was used and what you got back in return? I'm working on user generated content policies for the Norwegian public broadcasting, and this serves as a stellar example. Would love to hear your story.
  • radicaldudejom@daniellegenet and @hyungwonkang I just emailed you guys.
  • jassimalrumaihiGreat shot. Al Jazeera is busy with Egypt & Syria for now, but this could've been a photo I'd like to see with our coverage. Keep the batteries charged and good luck.
  • clairepinedaaWow
  • stalebgHey @radicaldudejom - did you get any compensation for the use of this photo in the news? :)
  • radicaldudejom@stalebg some was offered but in the moment I thought it would be in bad taste to collect since we'd just watched a few people be killed.
  • stalebg@radicaldudejom I see your point, thanks for sharing the story with me
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