Thanks to everybody for all the well wishes! My Dad is back at it! Looking good and  feelin' good.  #myhero
  • jakeowenofficialThanks to everybody for all the well wishes! My Dad is back at it! Looking good and feelin' good. #myhero

  • lainepruittHey man I saw you in vero and you fell out of the chair with your baby in your hands! I hope you were ok!
  • sophiemayrandI very like your "long hair"
  • madibruchezhandsome as ever :) @barefootjake
  • gibbonstrevorI'm seans son. From that night we droped scott off at your moms house
  • emilysoxo@brendan_ennis1
  • penbear1<3
  • kirbiemackenna27Will you please follow me on here to? 😄
  • morgan.michalsSaw your concert you were amazing ! So glad your dad is cancer free 😊
  • drewrpriceH u r r y u p a n d c o m e t o N O L A #august23
  • okchic1Gotta love your dad , our mentors
  • merritt_powell@bay_pat13 #somanymemories
  • alphabreezy1@ebbiejt Uhhhhh
  • rmicku1@sguig89
  • matthew_wallaceHey I wanted to let you know I respect the way you are a family guy and how you stood next to your dad as he kicked cancers ass!! And I wanted you to know I will keep him and you in my prayers! God bless yall both and tell your dad to keep fighting and keep God first and his faith stronger, I never got to meet him nor you but hopefully in the near future when I make it in this world I will get to chance to meet yall and shake your dad's hand! My dad is terminally ill and he is also a fighter and been fighting his illness for a few years now and counting, the doctor told him he didn't have to much longer and we put it in God's hands and 5 years later he is still here!! @barefootjake #GodsGreat #GodsNotDead
  • mattison_is_the_nameI was at your concert tonight u did sooooo soooooo good it has been the best concert so far ilysssm @barefootjake I was hoping that u would sing ghost townn😥 but it's ok I still lysssmm
  • katie19lynnOkay, I went to your concert last night in Toledo and you were amazing 😍 I love how you are so interactive with your fans. I'm by far your #1 fan and I want to meet you so bad! PLEASE GET ME A MEET AND GREET😭💘 I LOVE YU SO MUCH 😘😘😘
  • mtnlvevkj In nllol Pl
  • katemfritzMy dad is my hero too. So great to have such great positive role models!! #blessed
  • toniasiggersSweet picture 💙💜💚
  • blondebombshell_01Beautiful God bless touches home for me .@barefootjake
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