Leaning in Seoul! #leanin
  • sherylsandbergLeaning in Seoul! #leanin

  • brandymills_@SherylSandberg: Just finished Lean In today! Thank you for reminding me that I am capable of everything I've ever dreamed and encouraging me to pursue the success that is destined for me.
  • racheljsmall@claudla88
  • lyb7848Welcome to Seoul! I really wished I'd see you during your trip here, but didn't find time. I hope I get the opportunity next time you're in Korea!
  • lovebylo
  • kimdeborahhh@sherylsandberg If you're still in Seoul, you should meet with the Minister of Gender Equality and Families (MOGEF) She was one of the first females in the ROK to "lean in"
  • elo_erikloganSo awesome you are over there doing that
  • novisarequiredAm glad to hear that you're alright...life is so frail sometimes.
  • takkk_thank god you're okay!!!
  • draco_chuAgreed with @takkk_ So glad you're ok!👍
  • kel.andrewsReading lean in now! Even though I'm only 18 and just about to start college this book is helping me so much and I think that even though I'm young I am reading it at the perfect time in my career life because I can already relate to things you say women tend to do. Great book and thank you for writing it!
  • yurideasJust read your book on vacation with mr girls. I'm a partner in a CA law firm (also Korean American) and look forward to the days when I won't be the only or one of two women in a room full of attorneys or executives. Thank you for the inspiring book. Loved your story about your brothers breezy confidence. So true!
  • yoon324I got your sign there, thanx!
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