My Marley
  • guyosearyMy Marley

  • ronnyramoshLindo! I love dogs.
  • yoshipooo❤️😍🐾
  • sistersledge33Love Aussies! I've had two!!
  • diva_spicyYour poppy?
  • jeffersonkelsoall of the love to your beautiful Marley! <3
  • donzimadeBeautiful! 😍🐾
  • radiantholhealth💋
  • soniabaraujoNice.👏
  • thenataliebairdGorgeous @guyoseary
  • iheartmilesAdorable!!
  • oscarfrenchienycSo cute Marley!!! 😍😍😍😍😍
  • fierygargoyleLost both my dogs 2 weeks apart ..haven't been able to get another yet..Marley is beautiful
  • dezahh_ciccone@madonna @guyoseary #MadonnaPleaseComeToBrazil 🙏 👑 M 👑 BRAZILIANS REBEL HEARTS DO IT BETTER !!! ✌
  • monteiroalecsandroLindo esse cachorro
  • deyv😍😍😍 thank you for bringing Madonna to Manila!!!🙏👍👌 #rebelhearttour #love #livingforlove #iconic @madonna
  • ds_oykuDear Guy, im wrighting in order to share my opinion about Rebel Heart tour as a huge fan of Madonna. i travelled from Greece to London and spend aaaal of my money for this consert!
  • ds_oykufor sure i wasn' t disappointed.Although unfortunately our seats were faaaar away from the stage and because of the fact that the panels that show the video were small we hardly saw anything!
  • ds_oykufor a PROFESSIONAL performer like MADONNA that puts on extravagant shows. that are result of HARD and ELABORATE work that is unforgibable
  • ds_oykuthers are so many crazy details at her show which is what makes it an ASTONiSHING show that pityfully we couldnt see fdom up there those breathtaking SPLENDID costumes!! we were only able fo see them from. instagram! and the fact is that we spend ALL our MONEY and travelled from GREECE tooo LONDON to 'see the show' live!!!!!!! i am a huge Madonna fan but i really had to memtion this. ThOse panels that show Madonna SHOULD DSDINITELY BE BIGGER IT IS RIDICULOUS!! MADONNA ALWAYS SAYS SHE APRICIATES OUR LOVE SO I BELIEVE THAT SOMETHING MUAT BE DONE ABOUT THIS!!!
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