Beyonce, Jay Z, Sybrina Fulton and me
  • real_sharptonBeyonce, Jay Z, Sybrina Fulton and me

  • madameash#100cityvigilfortrayvon #1PolicePlaza @beyonce
  • vengencebelongstogod@real_sharpton @Sybrina @beyonce @Jayz Awesome; God is good, the love of God is real..The people of God are true
  • zeke1470Show love
  • lovesmealldayLove u sir
  • zjsfiercefameYou are disgusting for this. It irritates me. I love Beyoncé. But don't love her support on this issue. It's over. Get over it. GZ was not guilty from the beginning. The verdict rendered was accurate. Irritated to see this picture! Ugh.
  • jo10r10Where is MISS ALI?
  • jo10r10There son was murdered yet they hang out at award shows? N hob with celebrities? I know after that verdict hanging out would not be on my to do list?
  • jmb102093^ definitely agree. I'm guessing she is trying to get as much rich people as she can to donate to her organization
  • jmb102093I believe its called the W.B.W.P.A. the we blame white people association.
  • w_willysPoverty Pimp & Co
  • hfjdjsghgهلا
  • jzebrahockeyHey way to keep racism alive. You are a fake and a fraud Al. Quit trying to be famous and get money by making everything a race issue. Get a life loser.
  • jzebrahockeyWhy don't you go out and support a white family whose son or daughter that was killed by a black person? If you aren't racist then you should have no problem doing this. Surprise everyone and do something good with your life for once.
  • goodwenjingWoooo!
  • noofanbrماشاء الله
  • addyson227I feel bad for the guy who killed Trayvon Martin because now in the world is gonna suck and I'm speaking the truth in jail he would be more safe but in the real world free my family said he needs to watch his back because people don't like him like lots of people because a killer is a killer |:^o
  • addyson227No a fence
  • ms_paradiceBeautiful picture!
  • sweet_phiaWhat a joke !
  • sweet_phia@thareal13 u r so right they r rich off there sons death .. Going on vacations and all.
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