Gettin fresh with my future moon man ;) #voteforme #vma
  • mileycyrusGettin fresh with my future moon man ;) #voteforme #vma

  • selscutieHAHHA selena won him.
  • stephaniemariemmI love uuuu pls respond back 😢 @mileycyrus @mileycyrus @mileycyrus
  • meghatronz_bass@miley_fucking_bangerz
  • can_you_not_sweetheartAlright listen Miley I know your neck listen to some fan like one fan but just listen to this comment please what are you doing with your life I know you probably think this is you but it's not might be what you are nowbut it's not going to be who you want to later people are going to start turning on you and hate you after a few years and I'm no one to judge anyone I understand but this is your career and you need to turn back to you really werepeople out there really miss the old MileyI love you and I know this may not change your mind but my name is Hannah you inspired me when you were Hannah Montana I'm not saying go back to Hannah Montana I'm saying go back to being Miley the real Miley Cyrus and I'm sure people of tried to say this before but really listen to this commentif you are the real Miley a lot of people miss u and I know that your dad does more than anybody else up stop just stop stop with the tongue and all this junk posting on your Instagram or when you're performing and if you directors are making you do this stand up to them tell them that you can't take this anymore I know deep down inside my miley you're still there you just have to find's not up to your Directors it's not up to your dad it's up to you you're going to look back in a few years and Say to yourself what did I do with my life then you can say I'm glad I changed
  • surayabinswani😛😛😛😝😝😝😝
  • emmanuel@mileycyrus please follow me back and read what I wrote on the picture of you (miley fans help and tag her please) 💕Im also doing a marathon of YouTube videos about FAME inspired by Miley if you guys want to watch !
  • tessadeleo_@sofieosborne 💘💘💘 this is y I ily her
  • hornyforcyrusBak az fotograf paylasiyodu ya ne kadar yorum var amk çok değil de djjdjs simdi çok daha az geliyi ldkfkkdjcjs @stiles._.stilinskii
  • hornyforcyrus💘💕💘
  • tiannabitch23👅👅👅👅
  • alexandradrakeIf you need inspiration, sometimes you gotta go back a lil ✨✨🔮 #yougotthis @mileycyrus
  • titou5115Pretty tongue XD @mileycyrus
  • lioritzhak12Stop licking random things and go back to lick a lollipop
  • lioritzhak12We loved better the lollipop part
  • molinaangela_Babe
  • francoviolettaBaby te amo @mileycyrus
  • felipealmeidafreitasEu te amo
  • pablitoxcxLove u
  • 405.zhontayy.aalexysI miss the old Miley
  • zarigueya100616te desconozco.😭
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