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  • instagramWeekend Hashtag Project: #WHPmyfavoriteplace

    The goal this weekend is to capture video of a place you visit to find photographic inspiration! Some tips to get you started: capture details like the way the wind affects the landscape, consider the sounds of your favorite location (are the birds chirping, engines revving or waves crashing?) and focus on movement—whether it's a friend you bring along exploring the space, other visitors milling about or the sun slowly setting.

    PROJECT RULES: Please only add the hashtag to videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own content to the project. Any content taken then tagged over the weekend is eligible to be featured on the Instagram blog at blog.instagram.com on Monday morning!

    Video by @mattmaniego

  • __nizar__creepy
  • cameronbrownxxIs that a living person!?
  • tay_tod12Scary
  • 1d_bethanyWell that's creepy
  • scumbag_riggsWhat is that
  • trillchrissy_I thought it was a jump scare for a min.
  • mariahhopexoxo@chrisoless same
  • luciafabricaWhat ¿
  • villads_rsNice
  • vivian_247scard
  • bobbypaieskiSlender man girl
  • jadonarmonExactly what I was thinking.. lol @rjp15
  • makhayaroseThats scary lawl
  • sydney.avalenCreepy.. Is she slender girl?
  • amalfigetawayWhat the heck was that!! No serious dude! Could anyone tell me abt that thing or It'S just a crazy fooling shot!!??!!??!!
  • sawgles_muffinsCreepy that's lik shadow man
  • lilplayboy0808LAme not even scary next time make a scaryfave pop up
  • lilplayboy0808Face pop up
  • 313_lion22That looks scary!!
  • yawnybownzOMG IM FROM THE FUTURE
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