Portsmouth, NH
  • doocePortsmouth, NH

  • goaliej54Love that town!
  • brittblackwoodGrab dinner at Portsmouth Brewery. The curry mussels will change your life!
  • knoltingAwww you're in my state. :)
  • chiknicGaslight pizza!!! Chocolate martinis!
  • madgetasticYou're so close... Come to Portland!
  • chawk47116Smutty Nose!
  • mizlahairAww we'll be up there tomorrow
  • aimersssDriving there right now. Weird
  • cosco1979Agreed must hit up the friendly toast
  • kbkayFriendly Toast = Happy Breakfast Place
  • hippestmama98@kindlykate @dooce I second Lexie's Joint. We're staying in Rye (we're from Massachusetts) and just ate at Lexie's Joint. SO ridiculously good. Exceeded my expectations. Hope you enjoyed your stay here.
  • marissaelindaAre you effing kidding me?? I live 13 minutes from Portsmouth. (Durham) Welcome to NH :)
  • marissaelindaOh, and don't die of the humidity. For real. You're all pampered and Midwestern.
  • kikis242I agree with those above- the Friendly Toast is where breakfast is at. Take a tour at RedHook Brewery too! (Coupons for free tours online - frequented that deal as a UNH student back in the day). Even walking around the UNH campus is a pretty sight as well as all the great hiking trails around that area. Thanks for taking me back to some good memories!!
  • jennserraI'm across the bridge in Kittery! Hope your having a good time. :)
  • seven2seven8Smuttynose at Portsmouth Brewery!
  • jesgoochWelcome to my state! Sorry about the humidity, it is wretched!!!
  • vermonter34I love that area
  • tinahayes57There is an awesome candy store in Kittery called Yummies!
  • sgeier5Isn't Portsmouth wonderful? I live nearby and love. It is one of many reasons I won't move back to the Midwest
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