Celebrating with my peoples
  • waleCelebrating with my peoples

  • makinmesmile_asimlovinme@optillz I don't understand why he should be sending jcole a few bottles. Was jcole in the studio with him making that album or did he wrote some of his songs? Jcole made his album and wale made his. Both of are talented in their own way. Plus u have your facts wrong jcole wanted to move the date up so he wouldn't compete with kayne but jayz told him not to move it up.
  • optillz@makinmesmile_asimlovinme "Kanye West is one of the greatest artists of our generation,” Cole tweeted. “Which is exactly why I'm moving my release date up. Born Sinner June 18th.” If he wouldn't have moved it up he would've came out on the 25th with wale and would've had a #1 album and @wale coming in at #2
  • mo_ni_ife_re_Aside from this fuckery^^^^^wale has a bomb ass album his shit reminds me of when I was back in district heights which is good cause sometimes it ain't easy being away from home...yo wale keep doing your thing son keep pg county on your back and Nigeria in your heart bro
  • _aselfmadequeen_@walemmg are u in dc??
  • makeupboss👆👆👆 just pure hate. I'm confused...who the hell@are you to speak any kind of opinion? It's definitely not truth..."pickin apart my wicked opponents"
  • mynameismyname_309Shout outs to u big homie for hittin tht #1 spot...it's been a long time coming about time they see whts real!!!#giftedforlife
  • _cahillshawnPaper plates 😂
  • maxantonio.45Shoulda but my mad cudi on the album again my only addition to the #gifted @walemmg no subtraction. no confusion about the statement.
  • maxantonio.45Shoulda put my man* my fault xan and everything else got me fucked. Lmao but really
  • maxantonio.45No but really a niggas fucked up listening to cudi thinking it could use @walemmg . Fux with it, leaving somthin for the ultra introspective.
  • maxantonio.45Michael Bolton was a bold ass move by cudders though. PS FUCK IPHONES SPELL CHECK. Lmao
  • jermaine_jetsonmagnum bottles. 👌
  • wassup_bribriI Loveeeeeeee You @walemmg
  • hell2thaqueenThank u
  • bcuteture#TurnDownForWhat
  • kayy_ant7 grand a bottle tho
  • geecheeastwoodKnockin gold bottles like I'm pro New Orleansssss! #MyGuy
  • jessyhoneybae🍸🍸👌👌👌
  • cass_247@lovethedough 🙈😍
  • lovethedoughThat's real
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