So y'all gone just walk through the Smoke Bomb though! Smh. Love these crazy boys
  • kingjamesSo y'all gone just walk through the Smoke Bomb though! Smh. Love these crazy boys

  • kingcase3@sam_votta Miami area codes are 305 and 786. Dumb one
  • unlimitedbasketballThe area code to Miami is SHUT THE FUCK UP!
  • mikeyclintonPlease stay in miami!!! Cleveland doesn't want u back. Stay in Miami and win championships
  • mager734The return to cleveland is going to happen and he will win one for the home town he is always welcome in cleveland! HIS HOME TOWN
  • eklektiksoleI thought he was from Akron, unless Akron is a bummy suburb of bummy Cleveland, then Cleveland ain't his home town. Mager734 the whole states talked tang when he left now please come back, y'all really are some thirsty tricks. Blame Dan Gilbert, LeBron said he was the devil.
  • eklektiksoleOr was that Bobby buchere mama who said he was the devil anyway y'all thirsty, ha ha
  • zacksmith4Can i have a your biggest fan and watch every game of yours. I admire you and all your skills...please reply
  • marq_herboLebron I am one of ur biggest fans and I wanna be just like u when I grow up and never miss one of our games before
  • marq_herboUrr the best NBA players to me
  • _itsjustinyoKobe is the best @kingjames
  • boom_its_meplus4Just wanted to show some love
  • _raaven__Lebron yur sons are handsome ( :
  • t._simpson7Stop hating homie@justin_live_12
  • cokeboydave#Lebron u should make some shoes called earn not giving and 2rings @kingjames @kingjames @kingjames
  • papa1timeI see you at the Marlins Game papa!!! Awesome your support, thanks for the championships meng. When you can stand up and take a bow champ. MVP!!! MVP!!!!!!
  • exoticrainbow69Hey @kingjames I live in charlotte. I seen you at the game lastnight. U did well @kingjames
  • joeyosterhoffGo to bball of America tonight after the game!!
  • kyler_228I got those same slides and shirts @kingjames
  • kayden20___Hey lebron
  • champagnelikejayHey
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