• thelmaplumMy beautiful sissy and I after Canberra show last night featuring a tiny bit of her baby belly!! What a nice start to the tour 😁🎈 see you in a couple of hours Newcastle!!! Xx

  • earth_mot@thelmaplum where are you playing in Newcastle?
  • mookilala@thelmaplum loving you xxxxM
  • nessshort@bill_vanstone um she's in newy? Why didn't we lnow
  • bill_vanstoneAww shit! Spewing!! Not happy about this at all @nessshort
  • thelmaplum@nessshort playing at The Terrace Bar at 8:30pm X
  • thelmaplum@motreyd the Terrace Bar at 8pm!!! Xxxx
  • dead_shuntMy love! My sister Imi told me that she met you recently weeeee! My phone has been completely cut off 😔 so please Facebook me if you are due here soon as I don't want to miss you! And ill text you as soon as my phone is back on x
  • thelmaplumWahhhh I love her almost as much as I love you!!!! I was so happy when she said she was your sister!!!!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 miss you to da moon but ill see you in less than two weeks!! And I might be in Sydney for your beautiful Sissi's launch when you are!!! Xxxxxx
  • thelmaplumLove love you you 💜💚💃🙆🌻👭🐵🐒🐶🎈
  • dead_shuntAhhhhhh I can't wait for your next visit!!! All of the wine and pizza! I am going to latch on to you this time and not let go. Missing you last time was so hard 😭
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