Send me you pics to #common4th and follow the best ones.
  • commonSend me you pics to #common4th and follow the best ones.

  • haircolorkillaHe can't see ur tags if ur private. Thanks for the love common! Made my wholeeeee week!
  • aurora.m.m.m@d33boogieinstein
  • smichelle_jThanks for the follow...I made sure to apply for your camp, but didn't make it. There's always next year.!😄
  • cmbuckss#Common4th
  • follow_my_new_page_nowwwHer name is hoodsense....she commented on someones pic that happens to go by the name of common sense.....then has the nerve to ask a question, that lacks common sense........ #pause lol
  • sxymamicyn@common May God continue to Bless you in all you do
  • hydraulics23Hope you get a chance to see a mine! Love your music and you're a huge inspiration!
  • soul_barer93I would so excited if u followed me. I love you & ur music. I know most songs You
  • soul_barer93made from I use to love her, come close, Be , Go , the people,lights, testify, Mind control,Celebrate, Blue Sky .i am the biggest fan!!! @common
  • realdealchelle♡♥♡♥♥♥♡♥♥♥♥♥
  • candielandPosted and done my fellow Chicagoan @common #common4th
  • louis23111Happy 4th
  • mzjazzy30Happy 4th to ya!
  • codmusic86Didnt have time to see the fire works I was wrkin gettin this money!
  • gatlicAin't nobody got time for that.
  • johannalove22I love your attitude your face tell your true you inside hi beautiful you are inside also same as that song hopefully I'll meet you someday
  • mariafrijolesMy son just gave your friend in a white hat a high five at the blue water resturant in Catalina @common
  • tattooed_jesusYo common im in Catalina bro. its my 21'st birthday and i took a picture with you earlier outside olaf's ice cream. I have bone cancer and im from Los Angeles. i just wanted you to know your my hero and your music inspires me and i wanted to thank you so much for the picture cuz. Ill be in catalina till monday so if i can buy you a drink or hangout please let me know id love too. Keep it up bruh im diggin the trax. #commonORdie
  • 94.1025^ that's really disrespectful dude
  • reginia1There's always going to be attention seekers #growup
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