Tap video for sound
  • susanlipthratt#fireworks #stsimonsisland #4thofjuly

  • monicaev_This is beautiful! :)
  • wordsofsarah@susanlipthratt This is beautiful, Susan! Do you mind if we use it in a Washington Post video project?
  • wordsofsarahWhoops, didn't mean to reiterate what had already been said. But really, very pretty!
  • susanlipthratt@wordsofsarah Not at all. My son is a Journalism major and just began his own photography business. Check out www.membooksphoto.com. If there is a way for me to see your finished product that would be great. susanlipthratt@yahoo.com
  • susanlipthratt@wordsofsarah Sarah, I was trying to say I don't mind at all if you use video. Hope the message came across correctly to you.
  • wordsofsarahYes thank you! Unfortunately we had to go ahead with production before I got your reply, but I will keep it in mind in case we do a round 2. Thanks again!
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