• patriots#Patriots

  • mpetrini13@said00777 stfu you fucking racist piece of shit you're talking shit to make people feel bad when you're the one worse off because you have nothing better to do in you're fucking life then make fun of people. Go fuck yourself you piece of shit and hell will be terrible for you fucking idiot
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  • brikmanis@said00777 your a loser man I am a Canadian and love the states for being like a big brother. If you don't like it then leave man.
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  • said00777@brikmanis when I wright that I don't like the fuckn American flag all this shit didn't like what I wright & they start insult me ' so my openion is America on my dick I wish to see her distroid
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  • said00777@afrodeutscher there is no difference in our religion between white & black , I wanted to explain to u about the u.s government is the peak of racism , which is the cause of all the problems in the world , I did not mean to abused u
  • uggglytunaI love it
  • dohertydotratAwesome
  • chimichuuWOW 😝
  • godsson08Pride!
  • abigail5555I love you gise
  • abigail5555Guys
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