• chelseahouska

  • mommacase78My word people get a damn grip! She is a great mom doing the right thing! Ovi u so sad bout u own life u need to cut someone else down!
  • melisbabsThose puddle jumpers are amazing my 2 year can swim better with that alone then anything we have tried with him he even jumps in the pool with it on and comes right back up with it she is a good mom lets not judge her by what she uses for safe swim play!!!!
  • lil_kaseI just got one for my two year old and I think they are amazing! And also he loves it.
  • budda41820I Love this picture!! :-)
  • splashlie2001You wearnt there that day how fo you kbow she wasn't wearing another life jacket! Chelsea post this stuff for us not for hate @sugaredink
  • fromitaliawithloveYou're an amazing mother and you come along way. Your baby girl is so amazing and cute!
  • nomoregreasin_onlyhealthyeatinPuddle jumpers are the best and safest out there!
  • akmama24Where do I get this swim suit it's too friggin cute!
  • actually.ashleyyLove the puddle jumper!!
  • kaitlinphillipsxoxo@akmama22 She got it from Old Navy. My daughter has the same one :)
  • nicolerumboldcan a 22 month old wear those on a boat? @molly_elizabethr
  • akmama24:( Rapid City doesn't have an Old Navy Boooo!
  • sarah.kuebler@niccc1 puddle jumpers go by weight, so yes. If he/she is under 30lbs. I'm a swim instructor, puddle jumpers are the safest so that the child learns to use their body to float not just their arms.
  • flower_child_unwrittenLove those life jackets.. the best!
  • jlucrez628@akmama22 you can order online
  • sapphire_mamaPuddle jumpers are my very favorite life jacket!!!! My almost 4 yr old uses it, she loves it;)
  • giimcgee21Cutest !
  • crochetmomma03OMG I just got that swim suit for my twins I LOVE IT!!!!
  • _anna_nicole_infinity_Patoka
  • rubensandovallLol So Much Hatred To One Another. Ignorance Will Kill Ya! Take Care & Love The Pics! Your Beautiful , Im Jealous Of All The Followers! LOL @chelseahouska
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