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  • tshoxenreiderDrunk people on bikes = parade. #inbend #smalltownamerica

  • mossbrosmumPublic intoxication. Good bless 'merica.
  • rachelbalducciSavannah has these too. Ingenious!
  • biblewilliamsWe have those in Nashville. 🍻
  • amyvandykePub cycle!! Cool concept!
  • annefrench_healthylivingI call it the 'beer trolley'!
  • tshoxenreiderI honestly find them pretty annoying. The last thing I want to do while drinking a beer is ride a bike, and the last thing I want to be behind at a stoplight is one of these cycle pubs.
  • laurajolizaWe live on a cycle pub route. My kids love those friendly cheering people cycling slowly by - definitely the most responsive folks to wave at from the front yard. They are really annoying in traffic though, I agree!
  • tshoxenreider@laurajoliza that's true - they're usually all nice people on those things!
  • laurajoliza@tshoxenreider nice and drunk! Lol. Living downtown has allowed for some good conversation starters about overindulgence. We walk past the Westside Tavern to get the the butcher and farm stand. More "friendly" people, and clouds of pot smoke out back...lol. Never a dull moment, in the summer. ;)
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