Happy Independence Day - thank you America for giving the freedom to wear these pants @thebeachboys  #90s
  • johnstamosHappy Independence Day - thank you America for giving the freedom to wear these pants @thebeachboys #90s

  • traceyroseann85@snied314 🇺🇸🇺🇸❤❤
  • indyzfinest#SummerOfStamos
  • ginalauribeach boys, yankee stadium, best 4 of july!
  • sienadibarioh dayum
  • scricketb@slbg78
  • nicky_hartiganRun more president
  • pearis.tI love you ❤ I'm only ten but I have a shirt that I got for my birth day and your on it. It says that I heart John stamous
  • haumea29@johnstamos LMAO!!!! What is up with your profile pic?! LOL!!!
  • nic.savitDear John, you are the coolest guy ever!!!! You are an amazing actor! I loved you in full house. Those were amazing years. I love you so much!! Please answer this. You are my role model
  • nic.savit@johnstamos
  • ftworth768/8 and 8/9 HB
  • claire_hahnSince stars do not relpy when people post comments to their pictures, i wonder if they have a special star app that just disregards what people comment, the stars choose to disregard their ccommenters or they just dont have enough time which seems the most likely thing... So dont expect to get replies or even your post being read. Oh. And have a lovely day;)
  • onlydollfaceOmg I'm watching this movie on LMN and it's called Fatal Vows with you in it and seriously it makes me fear you. Like I can't even watch Full House anymore without thinking, "You stay away from him DJ, he's a rapist murderer!!!"
  • ktadros9Wow. You've met the beach boys like nine times and that was only I'm full house. Are you like besties???
  • krishnevHow does this man age so beautifully?? @ninacattt @simplykaren
  • simplykaren@krishnev I love him omg
  • krishnev@simplykaren I feel you girl I feel you
  • quessa_brown😍
  • fullhouse_family_U r awesome Marry me
  • arkfromoside69I just hear #Forever playing as I look at this.
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