Happy July 4th friends!! Have a safe day and have fun! XO #fireworks #fourthofjuly #party #redwhiteandblue
  • alexis_bellinoHappy July 4th friends!! Have a safe day and have fun! XO #fireworks #fourthofjuly #party #redwhiteandblue

  • _joshuamooreyfreak!!!
  • jadedonzow@carlyy23 i'm absolutely horrified someone could say such nasty things to another woman. Your certainly not one to talk about 'setting an example for kids' your nothing but a cyber bully. I'm embarrassed for you.
  • katieeee33@jcostello1 Gee whizz! Thanks for your concern bud!
  • jenniferatmillerAlexis u look gorgeous and I did read that negative comment and that girl should not judge for one and she is just insecure and jealous .. Soo obvious
  • katieeee33@jillysweet Maintenance? Beg to differ. It's actually changing your appearance.....FAKE
  • jessiejelleyWhy does it bother people what other people look like?! If you want to change yourself to make yourself feel better then I don't see why other people get so mad about it! So youv never dyed your hair or painted your nails?? That's changing yourself too isn't it?! And I'm sure her kids will learn from her to do what makes you happy. Stop obsessing over someone else and leave her too it. She's done a lot for herself got far in life so well done to you @alexis_bellino be proud of yourself ! Beautiful
  • jessiejelleyChanging the natural appearance of your nails? Anyway I don't get all butt hurt about other people's life's and what they do so ima leave you to carry on with whatever it is you get out of getting so irate over others.. Just not worth the time if you think about it
  • redpinky4I can't wait to be able to wear your clothing line. Just need my boobies reconstructed to hold them up. You have some amazing dresses.
  • jenniferatmillerNo obvious that you have to put others down then just laugh hahaha like you did. I have a family member who is a psychologist and a born again Christian
  • c_hewittSaw you in #solvang today when you and the fam came into eat today. You have a beautiful family.
  • korytokarSmoking. As always
  • katieeee33And you're 95, time to check yourself into a retirement home! @kristypazza
  • michelle_ollywestie_bannisterLovely Dress
  • rudegirlsaggroI love you Jesus Jugs!!!
  • shep_grAmazing beautiful girl @alexis_bellino
  • katiegirl71@alexis_bellino Regarding some of these immature girls and their ignorant comments, one being @katieeee33 ! It's pure jealousy!! I've seen pictures of you without plastic surgery, and you're still gorgeous! When you got it, you got it!! Just goes to show what gorgeous children you have, gorgeous mamma!!!!
  • tiffeney_reneexoLove your dress !!!!
  • whodatgirl78Love your hair! It grew out quick! :)
  • soozgirl1If u don't like her GTFO --- off her page !!!!!!!
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