Happy Birthday America
  • simplyaj10Happy Birthday America

  • joshgersonFuck squad lol @simplyaj10
  • t.rob21I love u aj
  • jacob.faivre@simplyaj10 u r a boss at the game of baseball. U and Chris Davis r the face of the orioles
  • thatkid_mercadoWhere can I get one of those shirts? @simplyaj10
  • christianmckelveyDude i freakin love you!
  • hamrenkrikOmg lets get these shirts @e______
  • acostaaaahYour shirt lmaooooo
  • a_queen13@simplyaj10 you and many machado are such role models to me! I would do anything to meet both of you! Becoming an orioles fan has made my life so amazing. I thank you so much. Please let me meet you two!! :)
  • ryanhuck2Happy Birthday Jonesy!!!!
  • tan_shanU are my favorite O's player! @simplyaj10 keep up the gr8 work! Baltimore is my City! Flaws & all
  • _kasey_wagnerNice hat😎👏
  • delaney__maherCool hat!I'm a huge fan!!!
  • dayhhddedfyDid you look in ridge farm ct i live there and my dad told me you looked at my neighbors house for sale. Love baseball and big fan. And you should move in its a nice quiet neighborhood @simplyaj10
  • pstroopCoños jiji
  • tatboislim357Wsp reli its Daniel how is uncle kenny
  • butta_kreemCute Af
  • kamrynkazarasAdam, when I came to the O's fan fest I took a tour of the stadium and I saw your "locker" and me and my took a photo in front of it! and I loved your food shirt it was so funny! I know your probably not going to read this but me my dad and my uncle go to at least 2 O's games every month we love you guys! but I know I'm still kinda young but I understand baseball and what you do out there is amazing I can't wait for another amazing orioles season⚾️❤️
  • simplyaj10@_kamrynlouise_ I rally appreciate that. I'll continue to work hard
  • _21201_Have a strong season this year and #stayhungry !! Good luck kid
  • alison_rose29@jrose902
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