All our gear ready for bullfighting in Madrid! @Coach #coachjourney
  • thesartorialistAll our gear ready for bullfighting in Madrid! @Coach #coachjourney

  • _helenrobinson_#bullfighting
  • sunnylau@matterandtime I did! And I'm aware of food practices. I'm not saying how our food/meat isn't sometimes handled poorly and disregards regulations, but it's so far from just "look at yourself before you criticize others" stance. It's like saying eating dog is ok and normal for some countries but it's frowned upon in many others, even if you take into account the dog was prepared in a humane way. It's just wrong.
  • deebacatha@thesartorialist Love your stuff and work but bullfighting is so not OK and you have a chance to take a stand against it instead of encouraging it. Sad that people still engage in this barbaric practice in 2013. #bullfighting
  • irinalakicevic@thesartorialist Now,I am just green og envy. Marvelous experience.
  • haters_ball@sunnylau sacrificing babies?? Oh come on... Most of these bulls are treated like kings for most of their lives unlike most of the meat on our tables. And for those on their meatless high horse, that's some lovely leather ur rockin ;)
  • lisettevandegraafEnjoy the experience!
  • interimspaceand perhaps the bull will get the great ape this time 🏃🏃🐂
  • risicompGreat. Would you share the equipment requirements? Interested in what it takes to cover the event.
  • shakedowntownDisgusting. It's only a fight if the Bull's allowed to win. It should really be called Bull-murdering/torturing. Misguidedorialist.
  • medicencafe@thesartorialist san fermines is waiting for you
  • vickivalsamis_foodstylistShameful @thesartorialist. Not cool.
  • stephbruck31The bullfighting in Seville is even better!
  • andreiaprado12@fernandapaguiar segue o blog...
  • decoreistaUhm...lovvvve this border ... Is it an app? Do tell :)
  • lasaventurasdemarvelScott, if you are in Madrid you shouldn't miss the old and traditional neighborhood of La Latina. Full of that Spanish soul, espadrilles makers, antic shops and beautiful old tiny roads full of real tapas bars where you will find better than nowhere else the REAL DEAL. Look for Calle del Bastero and walk around that area always towards Plaza mayor. On your way you will find some of the espadrilles shops and after Plaza Mayor, dont miss "Chocolateria San Jines", the most famous and old Bar where you will have the best churros con chocolate of your life! Enjoy!
  • nacho_1970Enjoy my city
  • karends1101Enjoy the city but skip the bullfighting, it is barbaric and cruel. Photos of that will NOT enhance your blog pages
  • alexandrecoursierMuchas ganas de ver las fotos ! Viva la Tauromaquia !
  • alexanderfb@hamiltonfortuna Ufff!
  • vsannyCouldn't agree more with @karends1101 those kind of animal fighting show are so lame and cruel
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