Happy 4th of July, from our family to yours!
  • lenadunhamHappy 4th of July, from our family to yours!

  • le_domarinaWAIT did we miss being able to go onto the White House lawn?!? @johnny_prevo8
  • walking_picturesHow come people are at the White House lawn!!!!??????
  • keararosedoyleOn a serious note, can you adopt me and be the mom I never had??
  • txbjorkAbsolutely NOTHING like the 4th in DC, lucky girl I miss it!!!
  • jackieslatkyCan't believe you're in DC and didnt tell me !
  • sirquistalotReally? They allow people on the front lawn?
  • krimpbert@katewells8
  • katewells8@krimpbert ahhh!
  • spazfemmeGreat picture!
  • john.prevoI hope not! I know there was a Fun. concert there for Obama and military fams. @le_domarina
  • bananarexxTres cute. :)
  • planetsherryLena for President!
  • thefullhelpingYou're in my neck o the woods!! Hope you had a great day
  • sarah.cosgrove.gaumondThanks for coming over to say Hi, Lena. Having a tough week physically, but meeting you and getting that great hug is helping me push through the pain. My son is thinking about Oberlin. He's a junior in the fall. Would love your input. Really smart and creative kid. Kinda reminds me of you and the girls cast, except he's a boy. Ha!!
  • sarah.cosgrove.gaumondAlso a good friend of mine worked a lot with David Mamet early on. I mentioned our meeting to him and that you work with his daughter. He thought that was really cool. My friend is a very cool actor/ teacher/ mentor extraordinaire.
  • megan_veryckenThat's it. I ban you and @duckyantonoff from being cute. Forever.
  • derbstheword@angelinewirth we missed her!!!
  • cerroalgarrobo@skybug88 estaba al laito!! Aaaahh
  • al3xislopezI might just be put into the creeper category for this random comment, but I really hope you're in DC this summer for the 4th!!! I most likely will be celebrating on Obama's lawn 🇺🇸
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