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  • shahanahelalCongratulations to #egypt #proud !!! #revolution #june30 #cnnireport #tamarod

  • omar_elakhrasAiwaaaa ba2aaa
  • shahanahelal@justsayomar el hamdlella!!!!! :D
  • omar_elakhras:D u still there ??
  • egyptoricanThis video is amazing! Makes me more proud to be Egyptian !!!
  • sandimoynihanAwesome video! Would you mind if we use it in a video project for the Washington Post?
  • larrisakaleakya
  • shahanahelal@sandimoynihan go for it :) anything to make our voices heard! Let me know if i can help with anything else... And plz let me know when its out!
  • sandimoynihan@shahanahelal thanks! We'll give you credit and let you know when its out-- probs Sunday. Let us know if you have any other vids/friends who do, we're still looking for more!
  • sandimoynihanAlso, @shahanahelal, can you give me the exact date/place this was taken. Much appreciated!
  • shahanahelal@sandimoynihan this was taken on wednesday july 4th people were celebrating in tahrir square right after (seconds after) the military statement where general sissy spoke, and by him were the pope, the grand imam of al azhar, and dr baradei
  • shahanahelal@sandimoynihan and i do have other mini videos like this one but from earlier that day and the day before (so before any announcements) if those would help send me your email and ill fwd
  • sandimoynihan@shahanahelal thanks for the info! Ill let you know if we need any more from you, but for now we will totally just use and credit you for this one. Stay tuned. Also, I'm on twitter @ sandimoynihan
  • shahanahelal@sandimoynihan great!
  • shahanahelal@sandimoynihan forgot to ask yesterday what the video is about / which side its taking. Please dont use it if you will at all be hinting that it was a military coup and crisis like the rest of international media. This (outruling the muslim brotherhood) is what people wanted and still want!
  • sandimoynihanhe video is not being pitched with any sort of agenda-- it is simply
    intended to be a mashup of Vine videos and Instagram videos captured by
    people in Egypt over the past week. The video is being created as a recap
    of the week in Egypt via the lens of social media video. While I cannot
    totally guarantee the word coup will not be used in the blurb of the
    video, I will try to avoid it. However, my editors will make the final say.

    Again, your contributions will be part of a group of people who are
    allowing us to use their videos. It should be a really excellent piece
    that gives people a perspective of what it was like this past week in

    If you are comfortable with this, please let me know. We would love to use
    your videos!
  • shahanahelal@sandimoynihan okay thanks for clarifying sounds good! Go ahead :)
  • sandimoynihan@shahanahelal thanks for your help, the video is live here http://www.washingtonpost.com/posttv/world/egypt-capturing-history-in-real-time/2013/07/07/7d2941d6-e739-11e2-aa9f-c03a72e2d342_video.html
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