Scribbled my name in these #dadisfat in SD airport.
  • jimgaffiganScribbled my name in these #dadisfat in SD airport.

  • happyhixson@realjimgaffigan where? I'm here! Also seeing your show this weekend with my whole family!! Hixson family!
  • hedokwoogPulling a Jim now-so much to do I think I'll just nap it off.
  • hedokwoogPulling a Jim now-so much to do I think I'll just nap it off.
  • troprouge....I want one
  • mrspamulabrown@realjimgaffigan when will you be near Kentucky again?!? I bought my husband your book for Father's Day and wanted to meet you and of course get the book signed!!!
  • joelfettNice.
  • gbill123@dmanbmx
  • mollywalterAwesome
  • biowenDid they say you could? What if I just went into a bookstore, said I was the author of a book and just started signing them. That would be radical!
  • happyhixson@realjimgaffigan which stand? I'm here!!! Also coming to your show on 7/7 with the whole fam!!!
  • amnicholzLoved this book! Have referred it to friends AND clients (I'm a therapist) 😄
  • mrsperiReading it right now!
  • cajetasDang, I'm not going to the SD airport until Friday!!
  • davidecollierDo they cost more or less now that they have been defiled by your pudgy fingers? Great book- FYI..... I just don't want you reaching into my pocket to get at my ecopy.
  • mbp33I am bringing this book on vacation to Newport R.I. Next week!!! Very excited!!!
  • _.morgan16I loved how he signed our book," Congrats on getting out of jail" lol Thanks Jim Gaffigan
  • kdittydittyWas in the San Francisco airport on Sat and looked through the books there - no signature! :( {{pout}}
  • louie_lemI just bought your book for my dad!
  • amber9681I want scribbles!
  • paintthetownreddUgh! Missed you by 2 weeks! Way less fun to have my own scribbles in the book...
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