Thank you Orlando & everyone who came out.  It felt amazing! Xo
  • melissagorgaThank you Orlando & everyone who came out. It felt amazing! Xo

  • vbutterflylamariposaShe can sing martina...I do something with that weave its disturbing to watch.
  • nicolexrobinsonWow u really know how to be cruel now don't ya!😝😝😝😝 @chrissynoellynch
  • vbutterflylamariposaChrissy you are just a hater. N you do not have any talent but making a baby.. so do not hate n go grab some condoms n shut ur face already. . Who are you simon Caldwell wanna be judging ppl art..f off n go find a new hobbie hater
  • vbutterflylamariposaLatin bitch
  • bonzoeeAaahhhaaa.... U people r crazy as Theresa.
  • badboyy6969Hey guys just all watch out for @johnathan the little fruit cup from the KARDASHIANs he's like there tail...but anyway he's been bashing the gorgas,the other day he was in the hamptons at my friends house and he was saying on how the one episode when Jennifer dalton looked at the house and the bathroom had some damages,well anyway he proceeded to tell people that the entire house is all fake marbel and that Jennifer took the listing only because she was obligated too cause of VH1 so please just becareful
  • jg11692@chrissynoellynch lmfao your funny these ppl are lame
  • sheenawest82@melissagorga I'm a singer on a label, collaborate jersey style
  • nothere___rr@foreverswiftt 😂😂😂so true they just need to stop
  • karenpeavyhowardMelissa you are one piece of s--- work
  • _sarrraaa@karenpeavyhoward you ain't rose peddles and mint leaves your self either aren't you way to old to even have an insta gram get back to that bed life grandma
  • tiiffany.miichele@karenpeavyhoward agreed.
  • missfirework2If u don't like Melissa stop following her then
  • mrmarocooshNo talent. #stopEmbarrasingYourself
  • bri_6607U must not like Melissa she is pretty and nice in my thoughts!!! You're awesome😜
  • lisalisa_73I love Melissa, she is beautiful inside and out. And she performed great in my opinion. Keep reaching for ur dreams Melissa, don't worry bout all these hating ass miserable people.
  • lisalisa_73@karenpeavyhoward- HATER??
  • chelsageGo Melissa! U so hot these haters wish they looked like u n had wut u have enjoy the good life @melissagorga
  • therealpg3Altamonte Springs
  • delisewyhotWow nice song
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