• shanedawsonVacation!

  • alyssiia.cYou are super hot I love your eyes
  • shwazzanCutie❤❤❤❤
  • dayva222Lucky!!!
  • rosiehalsteadHAPPY BIRTHDAY!! LOVE YOU! ❤🎈🎈❤
  • isabelgreensladeI NEED A VACATION-CATION-CATION!!
  • nicolepannittoI'm on vacation too lol I'm in California today I'm going to Holloywood
  • kenzie_l_vI love you
  • pattysnake@izzy_greenslade I was just thinking that?
  • emo_4_eternityShane you are so awesome
  • elizabeth5403K i just wanted to say that i like love u, like a lot a lot lol. My dream is to one day meet u and like idk just b awesome lol. Though u don't need me to b that. I hope that one day you'll notice me and i can meet u. I superluv u (i know i know cheesy but whatever) @shanedawson
  • mollyarms3Shane you are honestly perfect. You and Lisa are the cutest couple ever(even though I ship Shoey soo much) I can't wait for you two to get married and start a family together. I just needed to let you know that you take me away from all the crap in my life and you're an inspiration. Thank you for being you.😘
  • shane.lisa_loverUr so cuter
  • bellacalabriaaU should make this ur profile pic❤
  • mindyriderOne
  • therralcrybabyI need a vacation, cation, cation, theres nothing you can do, oo, oo, oo, o, oooo dosent matter where I go just as long as its away from youuuuu
  • maddyheart13Hot
  • maddyheart13And I love the vacation song!!!
  • mothshowellNot anymore mwhahaha @yoshi4life_11
  • evataytayyyHa
  • beatexxDid you brush your hair every second of the day?
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