Gettin my tan on ✌
  • snookiGettin my tan on ✌

  • ___richard__@tashaspurdin how about you become famous and then become pregnant to see how it feels when your famous how much time you have for family so don't be judging my boo you little ugly asssssss bitchhhhhhhh #fuckyoubitch and I got my autocorrect on check bitch!
  • jme710Snook if u have haters it means u rentin space in their heads good for u!
  • kylee.ann.corbellPreach' @sarah_mc33
  • tamyaajaay@suckkkonjerry SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! With your beast looking self! You look like annoying oranges twin brother! I repeat brother!
  • johnb_iiLmfaoooooo @_music_4_eva
  • whatevermimiWhy cant duck face simply be a kissy face?.... Really?...😒
  • whatevermimi@suckkkonjerry shut up and go suck on jerry 😒👉
  • booty2wideTan is not good for the SKIN!
  • omgitskristiInspiration ❤ hope I meet you one day! Or get the honor for you to see my ig/work 😘
  • sol143@miraoxo Adnane and I both glanced at this pic and thought it was u!!!!
  • miraoxo@sol143 that's mean
  • sol143@miraoxo at a quick glance! I'm not saying u look like her though lol just in this particular picture! The glasses she's wearing is totally something u have or would have lol
  • nigganextdoor__Hey. I was wondering do you think you can help me get my name out there. I'm trying to get my name out there so I can do more promotions and modeling. You seem like a good role model or mentor to help me through this. Plus I could do promotion for you as well Please get back to me ASAP thanks 😁 @snookinic
  • _mholliHahaha loving the duck face
  • stanstoterrlekkerding
  • mwyckhamCute suit!!
  • yoitsirySorry for the spam of likes! Ilysm
  • jocelynnbeltrannOh yes👌
  • rosejimenez_Gorgeous 👌💜💜💜
  • adamstaphanieYou are hot
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