Wish Glastonbury was every weekend 😔
  • gabrielleaplinWish Glastonbury was every weekend 😔

  • clair_harris@gabrielleaplin .. i did a photoshoot this stylee.... wow ♡
  • ammieandsmilesWhatching you perform at Glastonbury was amazing! Absolutely awesome! :)
  • rustonfellowsMy coworker @akinikwe showed me this and I thought I would share my two sense, as I see these moments as great opportunities to shed light on an otherwise misunderstood issue. Think of the headdress as an object of religious sanctity to Aboriginal people. No matter what you think you are saying by wearing it whether you are embracing it or appropriating from it, it is considered traditionally inappropriate to wear it without the proper knowledge of why you are wearing it. It holds meaning that people hold sacred to them. Would you want your national flag used a symbol of nazism by another nation who thought it would make a cool symbol?? If you want to celebrate aboriginal culture try coming to a Pow Wow, you would be welcome and could learn what the traditional teaching are really about, or better yet go to an electric powwow!
  • akinikweIt is not just myself who does not approve of this. Look at No Doubt's video "looking hot" and Victoria's Secret apology for this. There are others too, however to get to the point we are tired of seeing headdresses & and our culture displayed in such a way because they are much more than a way of life they are very VERY sacred to our people and there is much more to them. Yes your right fashion is inspired by culture and I do appreciate the endearment but fashioning our way of life, our sacredness is considered insensitive to many Native Americans. Thank you for your apology 😊
  • hannahpragueThe head dress is not aboriginal for your information. It's Native American. I've been to multiple aboriginal concerts and I know for sure this is not aboriginal. Maybe @rustonfellows you should get your facts straight before insulting people.
  • rustonfellows@gabrielleaplin if you come to Ottawa Ill bring you to a PowWow
  • akingstonmiller@prague24 Aboriginal is a word used to describe all Indigenous cultures, not just those of Australia. In Canada for example Aboriginal is an umbrella term for First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples, our Indigenous groups.
  • felix.breadaboriginal with a lowercase A refers to any people native to an area
  • mkproductions01Cool picture.
  • littlestacieHope you're well hun! Come home soon and we'll go for a drinkies 💕
  • skrimonSuper cool
  • krissafordAdorable
  • shenelwYou have a tattoo?
  • syntiacjCute
  • yohocat_00漂亮~~~~
  • ianthe.w@thepaperworld So yeah, when I said headdresses are getting bigger ^
  • fnsnlxkxksldHow cool
  • viviapeppeMe encantan tus canciones, me relajan y son increibles en cuanto a letra y musica, continua asi :)
  • _mandymooo_@heather_georgina_rose - Clare should have worn the head piece to her concert - she would've loved it!!!!!! @clarefitzz
  • talitha_95@salsabila98 Gabrielle Aplin punya ini nih
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