• trashness#trashnesstuesday

  • veeceechengTie 👌
  • s0renAre shirts slim-fit or regular? I'm 193cm and 108kg (see pic in profile).. What would fit me? Have ties and stuff, but really love the extreme cutaway.. 👍
  • trashness@s0ren they're slim, but not very slim. Your best bet is to go with an L ;)
  • s0renThanks guys.. Would that fit my shoulders, or should I try XL? Not to sound stupid, but i'm a bit buff..
  • trashness@s0ren we don't have our shirt in XL (yet)
  • s0renOoh?! Hope you guys will post, when you get XL and more colors.. Big fan 👍
  • javisobradoThis is my outfit yesterday Night! With nosocks-suede shoes... Trashness is cool!!!
  • kristianhaagenShirt ordered today. X 3
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